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You know that feeling you get when a big, monster buck shows up for the first time? The rush of excitement, the thrill of getting out in the woods, the determination to put it all together & succeed; whether it’s from the stand or on your trail camera, as hunters, we can all agree this feeling is one like no other. This reason is why we created Whitetail Mash.

A protein-packed, complete nutritional, powerful long-range deer attractant with an irresistible aroma deer won’t be able to resist. Whitetail Mash will not only bring the big bucks but will also bring the young bucks to feed which will build stronger & healthier bodies to grow those massive racks.

Use Whitetail Mash to attract more deer to your spot & most importantly lure in the big boys. If your goal is to see, attract, hold, grow and hunt big healthy deer, then give Whitetail Mash a try. You will not be disappointed. 

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“This is one of the best deer I’ve killed. I’ve fed straight corn and I’ve put other attractants out. I put Whitetail Mash out and after sitting in the stand for a few hours and after passing several other deer, this stud walked out to the pile of mash and I got the job done! Thanks Whitetail Mash for a great product that I’ll be using year in and year out!”

Jason S.

“Awesome stuff! Had this buck and others coming in shortly after putting it out. Helped me harvest my biggest buck to date!”

Jordan M.

“This mash really works!! Had this buck come in at 50 yards right to my pile of mash. I only had that pile out less than a day and never before saw this buck on camera! Great stuff and it truly works!”

Matthew H.

“The 2020 Ky dear season had been slow to say the least. Mybrother and my Dad had hunted alot and hadn’t seen a shooter. We had a couple decent bucks on camera but nothingthat anyone was going to take. I was looking for something to change things up a bit. My Dad had told me about Whitetail Mash. So just before opening weekend I told him to put some out in the bottom stand area. Three days later this guy showed up and started hanging around. On Friday of opening week of rifle season he showed up on the ridge above the Whitetail Mash with a doe headed toward the bottom. he gave me a clear shot and I was able to harvest my best buck ever. A 155″ main frame 8pt. Thanks to Whitetail Mash my season changed in a hurry.”

Jack B.

“Decided to give Whitetail Mash a try…..enough said”

Jamie T.

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